We are Heureka Group, the largest e-commerce platform operating in nine markets of Central and Eastern Europe. More than 20 million users come to us for advice every month, and we are among the top comparators and shopping advisors in all the countries where we operate. We purposefully maintain the atmosphere of a startup, even though we have been creating a product for several years that makes shopping easier for almost everyone in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What will you do?

You will lead a development team that consists of 3 engineers. You will cooperate day-to-day with the Product Manager, Scrum Master and other stakeholders. The team is responsible for the current product catalogue that you can see on heureka.cz / heureka.sk as well as for providing data from local CZ/SK catalogue to the Heureka Group One Catalogue. In the near future, they will take over one of the product One Platform areas.

You will also be responsible for the hiring process in cooperation with your team. Regarding the split of your time, you will devote 35 percent to leadership (may increase depending on current needs), still be actively coding 40 percent of your working time and spend the rest 25 percent on necessary administration.

The team’s technology stack 

  • Python
  • PHP
  • RabbitMQ
  • Maxwell CDC
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • Kubernetes

 What do we expect from you?

  • You have experience in leading software engineering teams - officially or unofficially
  • Still actively participating in software development, Scrum or Kanban are not dirty words for you
  • You act as an egoless leader
  • You understand the basics of Situational Leadership and know how to use it
  • You are not afraid to speak in English even though you are not a native speaker

What you can expect from us?

  • Full support of your leader including individual sessions
  • Buddy for trial period
  • Responsibility for your Team budget
  • Improvement days - 10% of your time for personal development
  • Possibility to choose a mentor

What’s it like to be a Heurician in R&D?

  • Be part of a distributed engineering teams (R&D consists of Tribes - small development departments)
  • Meet with Microservice/ Micro Frontend architecture, GCP, Asynchronous communication
  • Write tests - E2E, unit tests
  • Contribute to DevOps/FinOps culture
  • Participate in building a sustainable product
  • Working mostly on Greenfield projects
  • We are practically agile, typically using some version of Scrum (two weeks sprints, standups, planning, retrospective, grooming) or Kanban
  • working in an environment that utilizes OKR framework

And why you would love to be a Heurecian

  • Opportunity to participate in the development of a product that is currently used by three million unique users per month in two countries. There will be unique technical challenges that you just can't get anywhere else. Opportunity to be part of One Platform vision
  • Great company culture and open mindset
  • Daily feedback
  • Opportunity to learn a lot from the huge shared know-how we have in Heureka
  • Support you in improving your skills
  • Organized hackathons
  • Free working hours, working from home, and a lot of other benefits, like referral bonus, yearly bonuses depending on the performance of the company, multisport benefit card, extra days of vacation, cafeteria, meal vouchers, etc.…

Sounds good..what’s next?

  • You will meet your future Leader and Recruiter (45 min)
  • You will meet your Team interview - hard skills of manager - People, Product, Processes (90 min)
  • Case Study & presentation

Heureka Group a.s.