Examples of our work include:

  • tracking, modeling, and forecasting travel sector performance,
  • quantifying the economic impact of visitors, events, and destination marketing, and,
  • conducting policy and market analysis, and bespoke research

Key Responsibilities:

The main responsibilities of the economist role include:

  • Analyzing the economic impact of tourism at the national, state, county, and city levels, including preparing data, updating models, and drafting presentation-format reports
  • Preparing insightful, quantitative analysis of travel-sector trends, including measures such as trips, visitor spending, employment, income, and tax revenue. For example, preparing data and analytical insights in support of client dashboards, presentations, and public reports; and preparing occasional research briefings as part of our subscription-based forecast services.
  • Ensuring quality and consistency in results by being mindful of previous approaches, data limitations, and potential inconsistencies, and by being detail-oriented

In this position, you will apply a strong grounding in economic concepts and research methods. You will gain familiarity with customized use of the IMPLAN software for economic impact analysis. As your capabilities expand, the role will grow to include managing more customized research to address client topics, such as policy and market analysis, and to support more sophisticated analysis to support client decision-making.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Strong academic background in economics, preferably a bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent analytical and quantitative skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Practical experience preparing and analyzing data using software such as R, Python or Eviews, and experience with data visualization software such as Tableau, is desirable
  • Ability to work effectively in teams across different offices and within tight deadlines
  • Ability to plan and structure workload, ensuring sufficient time for quality assurance from senior colleagues

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